Quantum Ransomware Webinar

Here is the Recording of the Event - complete details on on how Quantum Ransomware Protection "air-gaps" your data and reduces the time to recover systems in the event of an attack.

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11:00 AM - NOON PST

Thursday October 15, 2020 

Tape Backup on Auto-Pilot

These cyber attacks are getting more sophisticated and are holding organizations hostage until they pay millions in ransom. Although most companies regularly back up data, they are still vulnerable to ransom attacks that target entire networks and backup systems, and even the cloud. Tape storage is the most effective protection against ransomware, because it provides an offline, air-gapped copy due its physical separation from the network-making tape inherently secure. For more details on the Quantum Ransomware Packs Offer Click Here.

Market Backdrop - the rise of ransomware
- Overall ransomware attacks increased by 41% in 2019

Threats in 2020 and beyond
- Ransomware criminals are targeting enterprises more than consumers

Air Gap Tape and Active Vault from Quantum
- They can't ransom, what they can't reach on the network.

Speaker:  Diana Salazar, Product Marketing Manager, Quantum